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  • Sun-blocking Cream
    MengKou Rose Sun-blocking Cream
    Prevent ultraviolet damage skin and also activate the cell tissue, eliminate the tarnished and aging skin cells, delay the growth of melanin, stimulates its decomposition. 
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  • Aloe Sun-Blocking Cream
    MengKou Aloe Sun-Blocking Cream
    Extraction of natural aloe essence, refreshing is not thick, thin layer can block ultraviolet rays and pollution invasion, strict against the hot sun, broad-spectrum protection, enhance the tolerance of the sunscreen skin

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  • Sunscreen Lotion
    Rolanjona Sunscreen Lotion
    Rolanjona Sunscreen Lotion Net:150ml/bottle Packing:1*12*6 Efficacy: Anti-ultraviolet:To relieve the invasion of ultraviolet light, prevent skin damage. Anti-pollution damage: Blocking small particles, against urban pollution, reduce the damage caused by the outside world, so that the skin soothing. Main ingredients: Water,VE, octocrilene, methylparaben, xanthan gum, butylene glycol.ect. How to use: Use before the full shake, in the distance 15-20 cm uniform spray on the body; don't spray on the face directly,first spray in the hands and then evenly painted on the face, swimming, sweating or prolonged sun, It is best to re-use to ensure sunscreen effect.
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  • Sunscreen cushion
    Rolanjona Sunscreen Cushion
    It can supply moisture and nourishment for skin, improve the luster, elasticity and tenacity of skin as well as preventing aging skin or other symptoms caused by suntan. The whole wave band UV-AB wide-spectrum absorption (280-400nm) is suitable for suntan, the absorption of UCV-AB is as long as 16 hours.
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  • Seaweed Mask Powder
    Rolanjona Seaweed Mask Powder Alga Mask
    Rolanjona Seaweed Mask Powder Alga Mask Hydrating&Whitening&Moisturizing Facial Mask Speckle Remove mask Net:12g*20pcs Effact:The natural collagen seaweed, algae collected from Thailand large leaves,  contains a lot of A, C and carotene,and other nutrients, make it  topowder and transferred into the mask, we could play the ultimate Hydrating, Whitening, Moisturizing, Oil control, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-acne, Fading spots and  other multiple effects, to help you fully capture cosmetic problem, enjoy  worry-free bright appearance Usages: 1. After cleansing, take 12g(one small bag) into the container, and stirred with about 40ml of warm water for one minute. After cooling, stirred for one minute again.  (It has better effects if add fresh fruit juice / milk / egg white / honey / vinegar or essencial oil ) . 2. Stir it into a paste then spreads in the face, dig out the holes on eyes, mouth, nose. 3. Enjoy mask time for 15-20 minutes, then remove it and rinse it with water. The left can use for neck, arms or hands. 4. It is recommended to use 1-3 times a week, use 3 times a week for best results.
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