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NCEKO Tender & Nourishing Hair Removal Cream

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    Milky white
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    tender and nourishing
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    Guangzhou ,China
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    5 Days With Stock
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    Huangpu Port , China

Product Detail

NCEKO Tender & Nourishing Hair Removal Cream 

Effective ingredients act in the surface of skin and infitrate into roof of folliculi pili, rapidly soften roof of hair and removing hair, reduce the activity of folliculi pili, easily finish the process of depilate, meanwhile care tender skin, delay growing speed of hair,  smooth skin like silk.

Water, hexadecanoic acid ethyl ester, poignant, different nonyl pelargonic acid ester, stearyl alcohol polyether - 2.ect,

How to use:
1.First, read the instructions carefully. Every product is slightly different and may require different steps to maximize its effectiveness.
2.Hair removal creams are best used after a bath or shower, when the area to be treated is clean and the hair has been softened by the warmth and water. This also opens the follicles, allowing the cream to penetrate further below the skin.
3.Test a small, discreet area in the same body region before a more widespread application. This helps determine how long to let the cream sit and will help discern any negative skin reactions.
4.Do not apply a hair removal lotion or cream over even small abrasions, scratches, or cuts, and do not use the product on sunburned skin. The strong chemicals can be extremely painful on damaged skin.
5.Apply the cream thickly and evenly over the area to be treated and let it sit for the recommended period. After the appropriate time has elapsed, remove a small area of cream to test the effectiveness of the treatment, and if the hair comes off easily, remove the rest.

6.Remove cream with a damp washcloth using firm strokes in the direction of the hair growth. After the bulk of the cream is removed, rinse skin thoroughly to remove any residual traces.

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